Tuesday, 28 September 2010

City analysis

As part of the IPA's City Programme we produced the following range of publications:

Best practice in narrative reporting 2009 (12.08.2009)
Best practice in narrative reporting: an international perspective analyses 50 reports from the 2008-2009 financial year, including the top 10 consumer marketing spenders from the USA, Europe and Asia, and a further 20 UK reports, representing top media spenders in the UK.
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KPI’s for marketing reporting (23.04.2008)
This publication sets out why marketing KPIs should be included in the company reports of the FTSE 350, what the measures of marketing success are, and how to predict them; from which 20 performance indicators are identified. It also explains why marketing KPIs are currently left out of such reports, for example a lack of involvement from marketing departments in preparing them, a lack of confidence in the credibility of marketing data amongst report preparers, and a lack of a coherent framework against which marketers can provide the data the boardroom is after.
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How Analysts View Marketing (28.07.2005)
IPA research among 50 leading City analysts representing the FMCG, automotive, telecoms, financial services and alcohol sectors, which shows there is an ‘information deficit’ when it comes to tracking advertising and promotions (A&P) activity.
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