Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Future of Work

This is the third in a series of posts on IPA publications:

The Future of work (06.09.2010)
The Future of Work is the latest IPA thought-piece on workplace issues which looks ahead to the likely impact of Gen-X and Gen-Y on the agency business in 2020. Attracting and retaining talent remains a key task for agency management and whereas previous reports have considered ‘the glass ceiling’ (Baxter 1990, Klein 2000) and the cost of our 'hire and fire' model (Hadden 2003), The Future of Work, offers agency management a number of insights into both Gen-X and Gen-Y and reports on how to retain a talented workforce through flexible working in the years ahead. PDF version: free for IPA Members/£50+vat for Non-Members.

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i. Social Media Futures (14/01/2009)
Social Media Futures - The future of advertising and agencies in a networked society. A 10-year perspective is the sequel to the original 2006 report, The Future of Advertising and Agencies, which put forward three alternative scenarios for the future of commercial advertising. This latest report explores in greater depth the consumer-led scenario in the context of social media (social networks, blogs, virals etc) and its likely impact on the ad industry.

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ii. The Future of Advertising and Agencies (02.01.2007)
‘The Future of Advertising and Agencies - A 10 year perspective’ became available on 2nd January 2007. This report sets out the findings of the extensive research and consultation process, conducted by the Future Foundation for the IPA. The report outlines what advertising will mean in the future, what the agency of the future will look like and how agencies may get paid.

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