Friday, 7 October 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Of the many tributes I've been reading my favourite is by Farhad Manjoo on (Wed 5 Oct 11.52 PM), "The Man who invented our world".

He tries to picture what the world would have been like, if it hadn't been for Steve Jobs and explains how whole industries have shifted after Jobs pushed Apple into them.

"While every other company in tech has been shaped by the forces of technological evolution, with their products getting better as chips got faster and cheaper", Jobs was "the intelligent designer". His best talent was "his ability to spot the pain points in every technology he touched." His role was "to separate other people's great ideas from their terrible ones - and to refine the best ideas into workable products."

Consumer-focused, committed, commercial and creative. A leader and diagonal thinker! The world will be the worse for losing you, Steve.

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