Monday, 23 January 2012

What a Pringle!

No, not Hamish Pringle, former DG at the IPA, but the Velodrome in the Olympic Park, aptly nicknamed because of its shape, and the building which most wowed the 30 IPA member agency reps we took on a tour last Friday.

Here are another 20 small and large facts and figures picked up from our tour guide:

1. There were 220 buildings on the original site. Only 1 remains. It will become a visitor centre about energy after the Games.

2. 150,000 people are working on the site.

3. The accident rate has been only one third of the average for UK construction sites.

4. Project management in the construction of The Park has been so good that there is NO OVERTIME.

5. The energy centre has a twin in Westfields, in case anything happens.

6. The flowerbeds near the River Lea are planted with bright gold flowers to come out in time for the Games.

7. The hockey will be played on a blue and pink pitch with a yellow ball.

8. The largest McDonald in the world will be housed in the Park.

9. There are 700 rooms below the Main Stadium for the athletes to prepare in.

10. The lights in The Stadium are so powerful that they will obliterate shadow in HD.

11. 2,800 homes will become available after The Games: 50% affordable; 50% for the private sector.

12. The Orbit, designed by Anish Kapoor, is Britain's tallest sculpture; at 114 metres high, it has 455 steps and is inspired by the 5 Olympic rings.

13. The Olympic Park spans 4 London boroughs; Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest. Each will take on responsibilities for Legacy buildings in their borough.

14. Stratford Walk will be the main front door to the Olympic Park. It will pass through Stratford Westfields.

15. Stratford Westfields will house one of the UK's first SuperCasinos.

16. 4 billion people worldwide will watch the opening ceremony.

17. 205 countries are taking part.

18. You are never 50 metres from a park bench in The Park.

19. One original lock bridge has been retained.

20. There will be 20,000 accredited journalists in media village.

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