Monday, 25 October 2010

Canvas of content for today's netizens

I was reading a piece in WARC news this morning about Unilever's response to a "radical transformation" in US media habits by creating a "canvas of content" whereby ideas will be rolled out to the multiple screens now available to US consumers.

They plan to do this through 'superdistribution' - in other words syndicating it beyond corporate web properties to those areas where today's consumers or 'netizens' will see it.

Unilever don't see the future as 20 seconds OR, in the traditional sense of media buying of A or B; they see it as 20 seconds OR in the Boolean sense whereby you may see their idea on TV or on the iPad or on the web but that idea will live and grow with each individual medium rather than be transplanted on to it.

To the consumer, the brand proposition should be seamless.

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