Monday, 18 October 2010

A strong marketing constitution

The enthusiasm for the marketing profession and marketing output was palpable at this year's US Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) conference. Keynote speakers got standard ovations; when creative output or business results are shown people cheer
and clap.

There was a real sense of pride and purpose. And a sense of importance. No wonder the conference was named 'Masters of Marketing'.

The ANA even have a Marketers' Constitution, with 10 behaviours that masters of marketing should exhibit; and they recognise companies and individuals who have been outstanding performers. Food for thought, for the UK's browbeaten marketers.

So what does the Marketing Constitution say?

1. Marketing must become increasingly targeted, focused and personal.
2. Marketing must build real tangible brand value.
3. Marketing must become more effective - more creative, insightful and accountable.
4. Marketing must become more integrated and more proficient at managing multi-platforms.
5. The marketing supply chain must become more efficient and productive.
6. The marketing supply chain - agencies, media and suppliers - must become more responsive and effective.
7. Marketing leaders must be better highly skilled diverse leaders.
8. Marketing must be indisputably socially responsible.
9. Marketing must be unencumbered by inappropriate legislation or regulation.
10. The marketing discipline must be elevated and respected.

Perhaps it's time for the Marketing Society to dust off its Marketing Manifesto?

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