Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Show me the money

I was looking through Netimperative this morning and saw a link to the Top 10 Financial Websites in the UK.

This data comes from the comScore Media Metrix series from September 2010. That sounds so, well, 2010 now doesn't it?

Anyway, the top 3 brands were moneysupermarket.com, BGL Group and confused.com.

Moneysupermarket.com were way out in the lead with over three million unique visitors that month. Like most of you I have seen a lot of advertising for moneysupermarket.com and also confused.com. The offline (can television ever have been accurately described as offline?) spend must have had a major impact on online traffic. I hadn't heard of BGL Group though. On closer inspection, one of their key brands is of course comparethemarket.com and traffic to that site, also benefitting from television advertising, must have boosted the BGL analytics considerably.

However, if I hadn't searched BGL more closely, would the comparethemarket.com brand have gained the visibility it deserved? I understand the need to group sites together for analysis but, assuming it is comparethemarket.com that is boosting BGL figures, wouldn't a straightforward brand listing of the top 10 financial sites have been more useful?

Perhaps I'm just a mere cat to the tigers who know what they're doing?

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