Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What makes Maurice Levy tick?

I hadn't realised until I saw the 20 questions piece in the FT last Friday that Maurice Levy had risked his life for Publicis within one year of joining. Apparently, in 1971, a fire broke out in the office and he risked life and limb to save the company's computer records.

His commitment to the company has never wavered. He was approached by financiers in the 1980s to create his own agency, but, after a week of thinking it over, he declined the offer, because he realised that he had no interest in anything else than 'his' Publicis.

No wonder he succeeded the company's then owner and chief executive, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, in 1987, and agreed last year to delay his retirement.

How does he do it? Well, according to the FT, his golden rules are "Learn from mistakes. Consider success ephemeral." Perhaps we should all take note!

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