Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Boris's bikes

I know Boris has been trumpeting the success of London's Barclays bikes scheme, but I was keen to find out the facts. So I was pleased to see Ross Lyndall's story in the Evening Standard last Friday.

We are now 9 months into the programme, which cost £140 billion to set up. It was launched last July. There are now 39 docking stations - slightly below the promised 400. The latest statistics reveal that:

- About 120,000 have taken out membership, paying up to £48 a year for a key fob that releases a bike.

- About 10,000 of these members use a bike each day.

- About 10,000 non-members, or even a few more, are also using the bikes each day by paying £1 a day or £5 a week.

- The busiest docking stations are around Hyde Park.

- The busiest users are tourists.

- Even including the tourists the scheme is one third down against the TfL target of 30,000 journeys a day.

I wonder what it's done for the Barclays brand? Can anyone tell me?

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