Monday, 25 July 2011

The new Chain Game in action

It didn't make much sense when I first read about it in the Evening Standard (16 May) but now I'm seeing it in action.

Apparently there's a new game in town for commuter cyclists. You score points every time you overtake someone higher up the food chain. And you lose points if someone lower down over takes you. The important thing I've come to realise is that scooter drivers like me are at the top of the chain; so venturing into bus lanes is a dangerous game!

The pecking order, top to bottom, appears to be:

1. Scooters
2. Road bike riders with shaved legs - like girls
3. Single speed road bikes
4. Roadies with hairy legs - like men
5. Fashion single speed bikes
6. Touring bikes
7. Fast hybrids
8. Mountain bikes on slick tyres
9. Mountain bikes on knobbly tyres
10. Collapsing bikes
11. Full suspension mountain bikes
12. Shoppers
13. Shoppers with wicker baskets
14. Electric bikes.

Doesn't say much for the image of electric bikes! Obviously room for a makeover, agency folk!

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