Friday, 2 September 2011

The end of an era

There has been much more comment this week about Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple CEO but I still think his biographer Michael Moritz summed it up best in last weekend's Daily Telegraph:

'Jobs, more than any other person, has turned modern electronics into objects of desire. He has always possessed the soul of the questioning poet - someone a little removed from the rest of us who, from an early age, beat his own path.' (Saturday Aug 27 11 Telegraph - News Review & Comment page 29)

What a great legacy Steve leaves at Apple.

If only more of us could "think different".

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Anonymous Sarah said...

Thanks for this Janet - Jobs was an inspirational CEO.

On your note about the tag line "Think Different", here's a little side note I found which was quite interesting:

"Apple employed scientists in designing this promotional campaign? They determined´╗┐ that "think different," rather than the gramatically correct "think differently" causes the brain to fire preferable portions of the language centers in the brain, more closely related to emotion and buying behavior. In doing so, the designers themselves were "thinking different." (@Alphakid42's comment here:

And another little fact - did you know that Apple were so meticulous about detail that they actually had the text of that campaign on their TextEdit icon:



2 September 2011 at 15:16  

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